· YG-1 calcium silicate powder insulation material

YG-1 silicon calcium powder insulation material belongs to green building energy-saving materials, with low thermal conductivity, strong bonding performance and high strength. Used for caulking and smearing of insulation materials in high temperature pipes and equipment. Or used directly in the insulation sandwich. Use on the surface of non-hydrophobic insulation materials, should be used in conjunction with construction glue, and then spray the construction glue on the surface to be bonded before bonding.

Density Kg/m3 ≤450
Maximum Service Temperature 650
Thermal Conductivity w/m.k ≤0.09
Compressive Strength Mpa ≥0.09
Line contraction % ≤3.0
Volume shrinkage after drying % ≤5.0
Maximum coverage
(100kg, thickness 10mm)
Meets ASTM C449 requirements

Instructions for use:
Mix with clean water until the desired consistency is reached. (dry powder: water = 1: 1.5)
Curing time is about 2 hours (depending on the specific environmental conditions)
Sealed preservation

· YG-2 binder

YG-2 is a moisture-proof sealing paste specially designed for use as a heat insulating material, and can be used as a binder and a caulking agent. It does not shrink or break during high and low temperature cycle use. The joint for the insulation material provides additional protection against the insulation. Reduce the loss of heat and achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction. Contains no harmful substances such as asbestos, lead, mercury or mercury compounds.

Density Kg/m3 ≤900
Maximum working temperature 427
Thermal conductivity (100 ° C) w/(m.k) ≤0.11
Average non-volatile rate % 96
Bond strength Mpa ≥0.1
Operational time h 4.0
Maximum coverage
(100kg, thickness 10mm)
Meets ASTM C449 requirements
Store at 40oF (4oC) to 100oF (38oC).
Apply from 50oF (10oC) to 110oF (43oC).
Where there is food, the product must remain completely sealed and the area must not have the odor of the product.
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